Building work for the planned Extension to make a kitchen and toilets is due to start  towards the end of August and is expected to be completed in 12 weeks.  During this time the area concerned and owned by the Council east of Mountfield will be fenced off with an additional small part of the grassed area of the Millennium Green  used for storing building material. This area will have a protective surface placed on it and will be restored after the work is completed.

The pathway adjacent to the stone wall  to the East of the main lawn will also be used for Vans and other light vehicles  to access the site.  This path has dropped around the bandstand area and the opportunity will be taken to achieve a more level surface once again. The damage to this path has been caused over time by vehicles  coming on and off the lawn.

The opportunity is also being taken to widen the initial entrance of this path and remove the wooden fencing in front of the path and replace it with metal fencing.  This will be at the end of the building period and a diagram of the new layout will be displayed in the  notice board at Mountfield.  The signage currently on the front of the fencing will be relocated with the aim of achieving a more open vista towards Mountfield.