During the summer of 2019 a survey of Badger Setts was carried out on the Meadow and surrounding woodland to investigate their extent and to provide information for any tree thinning management to be carried without disturbing the Badgers. In 1997 a report expressed misgivings about the effect that the woodland path and opening the area to the public would have on Badgers. This year’s survey shows those doubts to have been unfounded.

The 2019 Survey has recorded 348 holes, with 29 classified as active and 183 Partially Used. Consequently it can still be said, as it was in the 1997 report, that the woodland is “literally riddled with holes”. That survey did not count holes; this time GPS as well as traditional techniques have been used to do so. The area is particularly suitable for badgers, with its steep sloping sandy ground in the Woodland.

The proximity of the surrounding houses has isolated the ground and leads to the conclusion that the setts belong to a single social group of Badgers. These houses also provide a valuable food source.

During the survey foxes, deer and smaller mammals were also observed.